How to Sign Up

If you are reading this post is probably because you already know Msn Hotmail. This is an email server that was very popular a few years ago. Then, Microsoft bought the company and made changes that last until today. Security, for example. Before, you could sign up Hotmail by creating an email address and password, and giving away some personal information like your name, last name, country, and age. But now, Microsoft knows that privacy and security are a big deal, so they ask more personal information to keep your account safe.

Sign up Account in Hotmail email

how to sign up hotmail

Another change that was made is the name. As you may know, Hotmail is no longer alive, but is known as Outlook. Even though, you can access to the correct platform if you look for and if you have an email address that is “hotmail” you can still access to it through the same platform. Certainly, the design is changed, making it more easy to understand and to navigate, but you can now have more tools like OneDrive and more privacy than never before.

Outlook is now one of the most popular email servers on the whole Internet. The reason is because a lot of people trust Microsoft and, to be honest, the company has made a lot of changes to improve the platform to make it the most useful ever. So, if you want to jump in and sign up hotmail, we will let you know right now that is a very easy process. On this post, we will explain you how to do it step by step and what are the benefits on doing so. Let’s begin!

To create new Hotmail account you just need to follow the next steps:

  • Open your favorite browser and go to or you can also access through it will take you to the same web page. Wait a few seconds until is completely loaded.
  • On the main page, you will see easily the “sign up” button. Click on there and it will take you to another page.
  • On this new page you will see a form that you must fill with your personal information. But first, you need to create an email address that will function as an ID. It has to be unique, so the system will help you by telling you what names are already taken. Once you have your address, you can create your password. This one has to be hard to guess but easy to remember, this way, you won’t have problems in the future. Then, add your personal information like name, last name, birth date, country, and so on.
  • Be careful with the security information, like phone number and an alternative email address. This will be helpful if you forget your password or someone is trying to access to your account.
  • Once is all done, it will ask you to solve the captcha and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, click on the Create Account button and your account will be ready. You will see your new inbox, letting you know that the process is done.

Video tutorial to learn How Create Hotmail account

As you can see, sign up Hotmail is very simple and quick. You can create Hotmail account in a few minutes, and then you can enjoy its benefits like editing documents, OneDrive, personalized inbox, sharing multimedia files and so much more